What is the Taurobolium?
What is the Taurobolium?
The Taurobolium was the name of the Romans' ultimate Last Supper (Lord's supper/Eucharist) circa 200400 AD, it was also their supreme baptism. In the rite, a bull died and the partaker bathed in and drank of it's fresh warm blood ...
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Who is the Christ?
Christ is the English translation of the Gk. Xristos which means the annointed one. Jesus Xristos is the Greek translation of Yesh‘ua the Messiah and means Saviour King
Extracts from the Book
Extracts from Christ and the Taurobolium
Jesus the Messiah acted as a tailor's dummy on which the vestments of Hellenistic religious fantasy were draped.  — p627
Most religions are fired by one man, who usually claims divine revelation for his ideas and writings. — p823
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Lord Mithras in the genesis of Christianity
D.K. Malloch
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Christ and the Taurobolium

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